Fanelli McClain is a full-service space programming provider of interior design and space planning for public and commercial sectors, including commercial office space, SCIF and secure facilities, defense contractors, government facilities and data centers.

Whether you’re a facility manager, a tenant broker or property manager, we have the expertise and offerings to deliver an outstanding design solution that will contribute to improving your bottom line. Everything we do for you is geared toward helping give shape to your strategic goals.

Comprehensive Space Needs Analysis (Space Programming): Aligning with your organization’s strategies, plans and goals, we perform top-down interviews to determine your future space needs. We also address workflow and critical adjacencies. These findings are then documented in a report which includes short-term and long-term useable square footage requirements.  Whether you have commercial office space, a secure facility or SCIF, we can meet your space programming needs.

Preliminary Budget and Schedule Preparation: An initial project budget and schedule are prepared based on your critical completion dates and project budget constraints which will reflect both soft and hard anticipated costs.

Space Plan Test Fits: When comparing several short listed sites, we prepare architectural space plan test fits based on a common space needs program. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, building code and ADA compliance issues can also be addressed in order to gain a total picture of building comparisons, identify potential lease negotiation issues and their potential costs.

Final Space Planning: Once the space has been selected, a final space plan is developed that indicates the detailed use of the space as well as furniture, equipment and millwork. Engineering and building code compliance considerations are incorporated into the final space planning process.

Design Development: We will develop a unique design solution that will align with your budget and desired image through the selection of finishes, lighting, special construction, millwork design, artwork selection, and signage specifications.

Furniture Selection & Specification: We work closely with you to evaluate and select furniture and accessories that align with your desired image and budget. Showroom tours, CAD visualizations, coordination with furniture manufacturers and dealers for mockups and final specifications, and furniture punch lists are included in these services.

Preliminary Pricing Drawings: Schematic architectural and engineering design drawings are prepared which document the general scope of work so that an intermediate pricing benchmark can be determined prior to the preparation of final architectural and engineering construction/permit drawings. The schematic drawings are then sent to general contractor(s) or cost estimators for pricing. Adjustments to the scope of the build-out can then be made to the final design to align with the project budget.

Architectural & Engineering Construction Documents: Final construction documents (permit drawings) are prepared that document the scope of the architectural and engineering build-out. Integration of architectural and engineering design and details are coordinated continuously throughout the process between our architects, designers and engineers. This ensures that the bidding contractors will have all the information they need to prepare a comprehensive bid. The high level of quality and coordination of the drawings help to reduce construction change orders.

Construction Bid Phase Management: Working with pre-qualified general contractors, we can prepare construction bid letters, conduct pre-bid walkthroughs of the site with the general contractors and their subs, and analyze bids.

Construction Administration: We monitor the construction throughout the construction phase to ensure that the space is being constructed according to specifications. We coordinate your project requirements with all the project vendors and contractors. We review and approve contractor submittals and shop drawings. Final punch lists are prepared to document sub-standard construction.

BIM: Building Information Modeling, using AutoDesk REVIT is available for all projects. This next generation of CAD allows for project design and documentation to be developed 3 Dimensionally, improves quality control through bi-directional information association, it allows for automated materials take-offs, provides an imbedded record of specified product specifications and identifies any “clash detection” highlighting any conflicts in design elements.

Sustainable Design: Our staff are LEED accredited. All projects are designed with sustainability in mind, even if the project is not being submitted for LEED certification. Sustainable planning concepts, finish selections and construction document specifications for low VOC adhesives are standard with all projects.